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Companies adhere to the "scientific management, technical innovation, people-oriented, customer satisfaction," the quality policy, perfect management system constantly, Wide gather domestic high-tech talent and absorbed the domestic advanced technology, continuous innovation, enhance the competitiveness of their products, produced a large quantities of high quality mechanical products at home and abroad to meet the needs of users, got the trust of customers.
Process Quality Flowchart
Patent Product Introduction 
YLFX+S  Sieving and Fine Crushing Machine
1.the tooth roll of screening   2.rack   3.hammer   4.rotor  
5.impact beam   6.spring   7.broken roll            Animation Display of Sieving and Crushing Machine Characteristics 
  • Firstly broken the big meterials
  • The force to screening , avoid over crushing
  • Finely ensure the size of granularity
  •  With adjustable rack
  • Hydraulic retreat protect
  • High efficiency and energy saving, improve the efficiency of the boiler
  YLFP+S  Sieving and Crushing All-in-one Machine   YLPY+S  Screening-crushing                  Animation display of rough broken machine YLCP   Heavy-duty Crusher       
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