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          Using specialized instruments to monitor the testing of equipment operation, the parameters achieve standard of GB9239-88,that the main bearing vibration is not greater than 0.1 mm in normal operation with rated load and screening motor rotation smooth, without warp, the bearing working temperature is 40 or less, the highest temperature in 80 or less, the equipment in no-load running get the Noise measurement is 70 db or less from 10 meters far and 1 meter is 80 db or less.         The tooth plate made by CrMo alloy in casting, it have wear resistance, corrosion resistance characteristics.         The tooth-roll shaft processing  Roller processing Processed pulley   Roller components       Screening teeth roll assembly     Screening crusher assembly     gear tooth surface of the roller           Screen shaft get torque one by one form motor drive, that any motor fault does not affect to the overall system operation.       Processing, assembling and ready of rough broken machine       It still new in after working two years, that the Sieving and Crushing All-in-one Machine achieve standard of GB9239-88,that before Spray paint Remove burrs, oxide skin, welding slag, and oil. Twice Spray paint on subface and surface of equipment to get 120um in film thickness.        Uniform particles       
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