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Name: screening machine
charge grain-size:≤350mm
discharge grain-size:0-8mm
Products Introduction

Screening machine(Patented product), it is our company according to the market investigation,  development of latest patented products. Suitable for dressing , power plant, metallurgy, medicine, chemical industries etc. It completely solved the current domestic and foreign common sticking and blocking problem of vibrating screen, changing the dust pollution is serious, high noise and vibration large poor working environment.

Working principle

Screening machine uses two AC motors, they drive teeth roll rotate synchronously , screening, meet the size requirements, then directly into the boiler and burning , do not meet the size requirements, need to be crushed again.

Structural features

Ⅰ.Screening structure without sieve plate,high efficiency
·The unique roller sieve structure ,the material in the particles meet the size requirements of the mandatory discharge. Close to the size requirements of the embedded material can be broken in two teeth rollers to improve the screening efficiency. The rear of the device to reduce the work load.
·Materials in the composition of the teeth rollers screen surface for wave-flip motion, fast stratified layers of material can be through a sieve. Screening efficiency than other forms of screening equipment high.
Ⅱ.Themoisture content of material without any requirements,don'block nongstick
·Two adjacent sieve rotation axis intersection in the opposite direction, there is a mutual scraping effect on high-moisture, clay content of the material for screening will not appear sticky and block.
·Sieve seam for space multiline special form, can effectively solve the sheets and strip material difficult to control the actual problem. Ensure more reliable particle size requirements.
Ⅲ.Strong distribution of material effect
·Teeth roller screen also has a strong distribution of material effect, can in all the width uniformity to follow-up equipments feeding. Prevent follow-up equipments appear to swerve wear phenomenon. Improve the service life of wear parts.
Ⅳ.Use wear-resistant materials,the service life is long
·Teeth roller is wear-resistant materials and surface hardening processing. Lower rotating speed, the service life of teeth roll is up to 1 ~ 2 years .
·Advance broken,good way to prevent a super-large material occurred at the impact rear equipment.Have broken the same time so that the material inside the crack.making it easier to follow broken.
Ⅴ.Smooth operation,low nois,small vibration
·Machine totally-sealing operation, low noise, small vibration, take up the space is small. Suitable for high floor installation using and whereabouts coal drop pipe rigid connection. Especially suitable for no screening equipment system coal system field transformation.
·patented product-New type of screening-crusher is system coal system design selection and technological transformation preferred equipment.Unique screening devices to reduce material excessive crushing,carbon-in-ash and improve the economic benefits of boiler combustion is very remarkable,specific details see to screening machine economic benefit column.
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