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charge grain-size:≤300mm
discharge grain-size:0-8mm
  Working principle   Screening- crusher uses three AC motor drive, respectively, rough broken roll , thin broken roll opposite rotation . Material from the entrance into the machine, the first high-speed rotation by the rough broken roll chop and rack of the broken, broken off, break and many other combinations broken, rough broken, the directly into the screening chamber for screening, meet the size requirements, then directly into the barrel, does not meet the size requirements, then be broken into fine crushing chamber to reach the desired size requirements.
Screening features
Ⅰ.The moisture content of material without any requirements, do not block and non-stick:
Advance coarse crush, coarse roller and gear rack are reciprocal scraping makes large materials broken, then into the screening chamber for screening, meet the size requirements, then directly into the boiler, does not meet the size requirements, then into fine crushing chamber to crush,two adjacent fine crush sieve rotation axis intersection in the opposite direction, using raw material free gap, whole into all out, ensure full power, the moisture content of material without any requirements.   Ⅱ.Powder rate is low, particle size is good: The traditional hammer crusher adopt the way repeated strike material to achieve effect, stress imbalance, more vibration. According to the design of hammer crusher insufficient, screening- crusher adopted new design scheme, combined crushing, screening first then crushing, avoid repetitive crushed, adopt teeth roll without sieve plate, reached granularity requirements just one time, greatly reduce dust content.   Ⅲ.Hydraulic automatic concession device: When the non-magnetic material ,chunk wood, rubber ,enter crushing cavity, then crushing pressure between two teeth roll is greater than working pressure, rollers can compromise simultaneously and quickly , and effectively protect the safe running of the equipment.   Ⅳ.Less noise and less vibration: Crusher design characteristic is connection with dovetail groove, inertia of two roller high speed of relative pressure form smite. Two teeth roll relative motion, forces and reacting force equal, diameter phase force balance, so operation is smooth, less noise, less vibration.   Ⅴ.Energy-efficient: Crushing ratio large, feeding granularity 300mmdischarging granularity between 0-8mm(≈95%,the discharging granularity can also be adjusted according to the requirements of users. Ensure the discharging granularity, greatly reduce dust content, efficient operation of the boiler to play a major rolespecific details see to economic benefit column.   Ⅵ.Environmental protection: screening- crusher adopts fully enclosed design, almost does not leak coal-powder, keep the site clean, effectively prevent the workers’ pneumoconiosis disease occurs, it's real environmental protection product.
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