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Name: Analysis on Benefit of YLFP+S
The particle size of YLFP + S-type sieving and crushing all-in-one machine can meet the strict requirements:
The particle size is 0 ~ 8mm
Average particle size d50 = 3mm (d50 = 3mm represents that the particle sizes of material size over and below 3mm is 1:1)
The material with particle size less than 0.2mm is no more than 5%.
Our YLFP + S sieving and fine crushing machine has a unique sieving device which can greatly reduce the amount of powder passing rate and ensure the quality of coal fed into the furnace, sieving device can discharge the material that meets the size requirements before entering crushing machine so as to avoid repeated crushing, thus greatly reducing combustibles in the fly ash and carbon content in bottom slag. Therefore, it can not only play a significant role in boiler efficiency, but also play a major role in reducing the running load of the crushing machine.
If the particle size is overlarge, a considerable number of large coal particles are deposited and cannot be fully burned in the bottom of the dense phase zone, on the one hand, this cause a high content of combustibles in slag, more importantly, in order to prevent coking, the user must increase the amount of wind and increase electricity consumption. Meanwhile wearing of the boiler heating surface will also be increased, once the heating surface bursts, will lead to unplanned shutdown.
Take two sets of 480T/H circulating fluidized bed boilers and 150,000 kilowatts generating unit as an example, analysis is as follows:
When using ordinary ring hammer crushing machine or four roller crushing machine which have no sieving device, on the one hand, the particle size is unstable, and on the other hand, because it adopts all-in/all-out crushing, the powder passing rate, i.e., the fly ash combustibles is about 10%, boiler coal consumption for power supply is about 430g/kwh, while the same of DCFP + S-type crushing machine does not exceed 5%, and the corresponding power supply coal consumption is 396 g/kwh, all the above is calculated as per standard coal.

Therefore, the saved coal for every Kilowatt is 430-396 = 34g; suppose running for 7,000 hours a year, the saved coal every year is over thirty thousand tons, and suppose coal price is 500 yuan/ton, the annual saved cost is about $ 17.3 million. Thus, it is very important to control particle size of the coal fed into the furnace which plays an important role in efficient operation of the boiler, and the key is to control size distribution of the material discharged by crushing machine.
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