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Name: YLFX+S Coal Sieving and Fine Crushing Machine
Product description
Sieving and fine crushing machine is the latest developed patented product of our company based on market demand, it is a crushing equipment specially designed for coal handling system of processing plants, mines, circulating fluidized bed boiler power plants and coal-powder boiler and meets requirements of circulating fluidized bed boiler on size of crushed fuel. The equipment is suitable for crushing of bituminous coal, anthracite, lignite and coal gangue, as well as coke, slag and limestone and other brittle materials of medium hardness and below. It has completely solved the sticky, blocking, fabric inequality issues which are currently ubiquitous among the world crushing machines and has changed the adverse work environment of serious dust pollution.
Working principle
Sieving and fine crushing machine mainly consists of two parts, i.e., sieving machine and fine crushing machine. Motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed via powerful V-belt so that after the material is fed from material inlet into the crushing machine, it falls into sieving machine for sieving and distributing. The material that meets the size requirements is directly conveyed to the boiler through the barrel, and thatdoes not meet the size requirements re-enters the fine crushing machine for crushing again to achieve thedesired particle size
Product features
I. It does not have requirements on moisture of the material to be broken, and without problems of sticking or blocking.
Sieving and fine crushing machine adopts preliminary sieving and distributing manner, the material that meets size requirements directly enters the boiler, and that does not meet the requirements re-enters the crushing machine for crushing. Fine crushing is achieved by kinetic energy produced by bending hammer, the fine crushing machine has three bending rollers whose gap from the crushing roller can be adjusted individually, the gaps between the three bending rollers and crushing roller gradually reduce from top down, the material is repeatedly crushed from top to bottom, so that adjustment can be made according to the actual requirements of the particle size, at the same time the three bending rollers rotate in the same direction, endowing it with function of discharging material downwards in order to avoid material blocking.
II. Low powder passing rate to ensure size
The traditional hammer crushing machine strikes the material repeatedly to achieve crushing effect, regardless whether the material size has met the requirements, so that the powder passing rate is high. Considering deficiencies of design of hammer crushing machine, sieving and crushing all-in-one machine adopts the new design theory and combination of crushing manners, i.e., first sieving then fine crushing to avoid repeated breaking and reduce the powder passing rate.
III. Long service life of wear-resistant parts
Special sieving ring replacement manner is adopted so that each one can be individually replaced easily, and sieving ring and toothed plate are made of wear-resistant material with hardening treatment on the surface, plus the low operating speed, the sieving roller can have service life of 2~3 years.
IV. Better suitable for coals with a high level of coal gangue
Fine crashing with plate-roller type bending hammer overcomes the problem of excluding coals with high level of gangue in fine crashing with gear roller, so that hard coal gangue can be broken, while ensuring fulfillment of the size requirements.
V. Environmentally friendly
The crushing machine adopts fully sealed design with good sealing effect so that there will be no coal leakage, the service life of seals can be extended, thus completely eliminating fly ash in the work site and effectively preventing the workers from catching pneumoconiosis, it is truly an environmentally friendly product.
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